Cleaning Digital Frames

No one likes to show off their family photos when they are all covered in dust. It takes away the magic of the picture and the beauty that it is trying to display. Because of this you need to learn the proper way to clean your digital picture without hurting or damaging it in anyway.

Wireless digital picture frames are usually made with an LCD screen – which is the same that is used on your television screen. Because of this cleaning them is much different then if you were to try to clean a standard picture frame. You have to be gentle with them and more careful with what you use.

Unlike what most people think digital frames cannot be cleaned with any old cloth or with paper towels and the usual window glass cleaner. In fact these are the worst things that you could ever use because they can cause serious damage to the screen. LCD screens are made with special materials and require special products to keep them clean.

When doing a light dusting you will want to use micro fiber cloths. These are made to grab hold of the dust and debris from these surfaces carefully and without the risk of scratching. They are extremely soft and can be cleaned easily after you have finished using them.

It would be great to have no fingerprints to worry about – but sometimes this doesn’t always happen. The best way to remove fingerprints and many layers of dust that has caked on is to purchase a special solution that is made specifically for your LCD screen. You can usually purchase a whole kit for around $10 and you will receive a cleaning spray, anti-static dust brush, and micro fiber cloths.

Using these special products will keep your digital frame looking like new and free from unwanted scratches an blemishes. There is no product that is good enough to completely remove scratches from an LCD screen.